What is the best way to understand Linux and how it works?

You work with Linux every day, it is your “bread and putter” , or you just someone who is curious and want to learn  and understand more than usual “click and point” model. Even you are happy with all nice Linux sides, it happen sometimes that you are frustrated and angry because some parts of Linux are not good documented, or they are but you do not have that documentation, or … you name it.

I found myself sometimes in such situations, when I wanted to have nice documentation for new stuff I would like to learn, test, run, but it was lacking. The reason why there is not ” nice ” documents for various linux projects can be that developer, project team, etc, do not have time to write it, or it is already written.

I am opinion that all documentation is already written, and here is my explanation. For all linux package you can get source code

( for Red Hat and its derivatives  )

# yumdownloader –source package-name

# rpm2cpio package-name.rpm.src | cpio -i

and all what you need to know about particular package is there. All documentation, there are usually documents written directly by package developer. Of course sometimes you will need to understand at reading level source code in different programming languages ( usually C, Perl, Python … ) to fully benefit of this approach, but I think it worth.

One  package you always need to have installed

# yum install kernel-doc

and after that in /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc-$(kernel-version)/Documentation you will find all relevant information related to kernel. If above proposal to read documentation delivered inside source packages is not good enough, you are always welcome to write documentation.

Enjoy Linux documentation


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