Fight against ISP rules

When I am on road I am forced to use internet connection at homes of my friends / family,but that is very often an interesting experience.

The thing I do not understand when it comes to ISP business is rule to lock MAC address of 1 ( one ) machine and do not allow to connect another machine to network ( yes,they allow that but you will need to call them to change MAC address at their side )

To all WW ISPs: What is issue to allow to connect another laptop to internet and why is so important to lock computer’s MAC?

I want to use my laptop to browse internet,and it is funny to see that only one machine is “internet-able”.

Changing MAC address is super easy task,put below in some script eg,

ifconfig eth0 down
ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:11:D8:D3:26:FE
ifconfig eth0 up

copy script to /etc/init.d/ and execute

# update-rc.d -n defaults

Above MAC address is one in my case,replace it with MAC address of machine which is “internet-able” in your case 😉

Above applies for Debian and problem is “solved”.Next time you boot machine with connected cable it will be automatically connected,ISP will think that there is not change,they only care about MAC – at least ones I had to deal with.Above script can be executed manually too.

But still I do not see purpose of this ISP practice,ISP guys changing MAC address never was an “rocket science”