RuPy conference

Next month in beautiful Czech city Brno will take place RuPy developer conference.Official web is here.Checking announced speaker names,it seems it will be very interesting.
Interested,then go and reserve your place here



Python video materials

I will start here to copy/paste URLs of sites which contain useful python video materials. You are invited in form of comments to this post update it with new links. In case your links are unique, I will update them to post. Thanks. ekuric.

— Python for informatics

— Google Python Classes


vim and python

Just quick note in case you ever wondered how to set up intention to be aligned automatically for your python programs when you write them in vim

so here is trick:

Edit /etc/vimrc ( or in some cases .vimrc ) and add below lines

set number
filetype indent plugin on

this will enable automatic indention and make your life easier 🙂