openshift metrics with dynamic storage provision

Openshift metrics support Persistant Storage ( USE_PERSISTENT_STORAGE=true option ) and dynamic storage provisioning ( DYNAMICALLY_PROVISION_STORAGE=true ) using storageclasses. To learn more about kubernetes storage classes, read documentation at this location kubernetes documentation

In order to use these parameters, it is necessary to have

  • have OCP platform configured for particular storage backend, check OCP documentation for details how to configure OCP to work with particular storage backend. OCP supports many storage backends, so pick up one which is closes to you use case.
  • configure storage class which will provide storage for persistent storage which will be used by Openshift metrics

In metrics templates we can see there is also dynamic pv template from where we can see that Persistent Volume claim is defined as

- kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
  apiVersion: v1
    name: "${PV_PREFIX}-${NODE}"
      metrics-infra: hawkular-cassandra
    annotations: "dynamic"
    - ReadWriteOnce
        storage: "${PV_SIZE}"

Until, storageclass name is fixed as parameter upstream, it is either necessary to have storageclass name dynamic, or if there is request to use storage class with different name then it is necessary to rebuild metrics images. Rebuilding metrics images is quite easy and can be done following below steps ( I assume that images have already pre-built part already )

# git clone
# do necessary changes in template related to storageclass 

# cd origin-metrics/hack 
# ./ --prefix=new_image --version=1.0

Once this finish, the name of desired storage class will be part of deployer pod and configuring metrics with dynamic storage provisioning will work as expected


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