Back in 2005 ( or 2006 ) do not remmeber exactly anymore, I bought my n2310 Nokia mobile phone. In time we live,and in the era of “smart phones” … I am wondering should I plan to buy an new “smart phone” or just / plain phone for voice / sms as these two features are the only options I need from mobile phone.

So, do you vote for an “smart phone” or for and “stupid phone”?Is there anybody else who own “stupid phone” today beside me…?


Happy New Year!

One more year passed,and I wish you all out there,Happy New 2013

Keep smiling/hacking,and be happy 🙂

Kind regards,



Happy b-day Debian :) … long live

LinkedIn hacked -:) so what

LinkedIn was hacked,and on their blog [1] they recommend below

We are working hard to protect you, but there are also steps that you can take to protect yourself, such as:

me: guys if you cannot make your systems secure,then do not use an unsalted SHA1 ( please do not pick md5sum in your next “solution”) format to secure them.That said,we do not need you to protect us something specially as you write it in [1] ,but just use proper tools to protect your site,and our passwords there.

And below LinkedIn recommendations [ -> [1] ] are epic … Is this joke?Nothing better to offer than copy/paste of “security advices”

  1. Make sure you update your password on LinkedIn (and any site that you visit on the Web) at least once every few months.
  2. Do not use the same password for multiple sites or accounts.
  3. Create a strong password for your account, one that includes letters, numbers, and other characters.
  4. Watch out for phishing emails and spam emails requesting personal or sensitive information.

Going to implement 1-4 🙂

Cheers 🙂

[1] http://blog.linkedin.com/2012/06/07/taking-steps-to-protect-our-members/

#fun-security, #linkedin


[root@mail1 log]# grep “Failed password” secure*| wc -l

and,very “innovative” names were picked up for connecting,an failed connection is below …

secure.4:Feb 8 16:25:33 mail1 sshd[3329]: Failed password for invalid user shit from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 41621 ssh2



Long time ago I “discovered” moo 😉

# root@debdns:/etc/init.d# apt-get moo
/ | ||
* /\—/\
~~ ~~
….”Have you mooed today?”…




Your SysAdmin force you to use complex passwords containing small+big characters,special characters ( ones !@#$%^^&&*^% ),numbers,to protect your mail/system,and that rule make you nervous because you cannot pick up new password which satisfy requirements imposed by SysAdmin … but after some time you finally have your new password 😉 and immediately write it down to paper 🙂